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  • Ocean Month June 28th 2018.
    Pollution of the Oceans
    – Presented by Peter Schneider –
  • New research on whales and dolphins in Namibia
    – Presented by Namibian Dolphin Project –
  • Evolution as cognition
    – By J. Scott Turner –
  • Barking down the right burrows
    uncovering new species diversity in barking geckos using their calls
    – By Francois Becker –
  • Book presentation at the Sam Cohen Library
    18th September 2018
    – By Marita Jendrischewski –
  • Open Day at Swakopmund Museum
    29th October 2018
  • Why are Frogs so fascinating?
    – By Dr. Med. Niklaus Meyer –
  • Ocean Month 20187th June


  • Climate Change by example
    Island of Sylt
    – By Geologist Dr. Ekkehard Klatt –
  • Tiny Creatures Big Jobs
    The important role of microbes in the Namib Desert
    – By Robert Logan –
  • Engaging communities to save Rhinos
    A case from Kunene
    – By Dr. Jeff Muntifering –
  • Surveying the world
    „Die Vermessung der Welt“
    Film @ The Museum
  • The Namibian History by example of a German Family
    -By Anton von Wietersheim –
    – Film @ the Museum –
  • Effects of Artificial Ligthting on behaviours of Namib Desert Bats
    – By Angela Curtis –
    11 April 2018
  • Book presentation at the Museum
    Traveling through Namibia on historic routes
    – By Peter Spätling –
  • Digital Security Week with Andrew Fordred
    – May 20th to 24th 2019 –
  • Current status of German-Namibian relations
    Presented by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Namibia
    Christian-Matthias Schlaga
  • Book Launchat the Museum
    Embers of a campfire
    Pioneering adventures in the wilds of botswana
    – By Lloyd L.E. Wilmot –
  • African Flowers
    Wind driven plastic pollution in deserts
    16th July 2019
  • 500 Years of the 1st Circumnavigation of the World
    Conference and Exhibition
    27 August 2019
  • The long road to Namibia the making of a Nation
    Revisiting the role of the OvahereroCommunity in Botswana in petitioning the UN over Namibia
    – By the Honorable Speaker of Parliament
    Prof. Peter Katjavivi –
    12 September 2019
  • Call for Entries Heritage Week Parade 2019
  • Te long road to Namibia the making of a Nation
    The thrust towards Namibia’s Independence
    – By Bob Vezera Kandetu –
    8 October 2019

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